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Frequently Asked Questions

Yateley 10k Series Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Where's my photo?
    • Once you purchase your photo, click the account button on the homepage and choose "My Downloaded Content" on the left hand menu.  You can download your photo there
  2. How can I pay?
    • Currently we only support Paypal express checkout.  We may offer more choices in future.
  3. I need an invoice, how can I get one?
    • Please email yrr-photos@sandhurstjoggers.org.uk to get an invoice issued by email.
  4. I didn't receive an email I was expecting?
    • Check your junk mail folder - we're trying to understand why!
  5. My downloaded picture isn't in high resolution!
    • Your browser may be intercepting it and shrinking it to your screen.  Right click the image and choose "Save Image As" to download it to your computer.


  1. How can I find photos of me?
    • Just search for your runner number from the homepage and select the relevant race
  2. Can I see a sample of finished photos?
  3. When I search there are no photos of me?
    • It might be that your number was obscured.  Search for "untagged" and you can find photos that weren't recognised by our dedicated team of taggers!